Couture Cards

by Angie Graham 
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About Angie

I'm a mom of 3 wonderful boys with a need to have a girly outlet.   I find this outlet in card making.
I have a flare for putting paper together
to make the most beautiful cards and envelopes.  
The end result is simple yet sophisticated and modern.  
My card bundles are exquisite.  
Each card I make is unique or "couture".   
My vast collection of paper allows me to
mix and match different paper designers.  During my travels
I'm always in search of unique paper.  
If I receive a card, a mailer or anything with a beautiful
pattern on it, I save it to make an embellishment.  
At the very least, I can always get a bird out of it.

Along with my love for paper, I also have a deep love
for the lost art of cursive hand writing and typing.  
Anything "vintage" makes me smile.
I have been making cards and envelopes for the past 10 years.  
From the urging of my friends (who are also wonderful clients),
 I have started to take this craft to the next level;
hence this website.

Thank you

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